Shine bright

Any Interior Designer will tell you the most important thing to consider when designing your home is the lighting. Ace the lighting, you are 80% on your way to a beautiful home.

The Rules

There are two rules to follow with lighting.

  1. You should have task lighting for whatever the space is used for, i.e. reading, cooking, dressing.
  2. You should have a mix of different light sources at different levels. This will help to create ambience.

Actually one extra rule –  dimmer, dimmer, dimmer! If you can use one, do!

Living Area

Ceiling lights in Living Rooms should always be put on a dimmer if possible. Use a combination of table lamps and standard lamps, focusing one of the lights on an object, such as art, or a chair. Having a mixture of down lighters and up lighters will create ambience in the space. Try to allow for reading lights in as many seats as possible with down lighters.


Bedrooms should be warm, cosy and inviting. Wall lights and table lamps with a low-wattage bulb help to create a warm glow and almost mimics candlelight. If you are adding reading lamps or recessed track fittings angle them away from the bed and focus them towards the areas of use, such as dressing and make up.

Dining Room

To make the table your focal point of the room, invest in a pendant or chandelier to sit above it, limiting the wattage to 100. The rest of the room should carry a relaxed and flattering feel, indirect lighting works best for this. A subtle glow of tables lamps on a sideboard or wall lights. Don’t forget the power of candles, they can help to create an intimate feel.


The overhead lighting should be the focus here, on a dimmer to put on full when cooking. Breakfast tables and islands lend themselves to interesting pendants, usually in threes. Under-cabinet lights always work well in Kitchens, and a sturdy table lamp can be used if its not too close to the cooker and sink.


Spotlights work well in a bathroom on dimmers to help create the right lighting. If makeup is applied in the bathroom, wall lights flanking the mirror always work well. Overhead spots help fill any shadows on your face, especially if the spot is directly above the sink, it will reflect light up on to the face.

Image Sources Sanna FischersBHG & Inspiracionline 

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