Home Staging

When selling your home, the way it is presented is invaluable to getting the best price for your property. Here at Forum Interiors, we offer a Home Staging service which has been proven to be one of the best marketing strategies for selling a home faster, and for more money.

Let us guide you through the basic concepts you need to do to achieve this..


Our Three Top Tips For Home Staging

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Neutral Decor

As much as we love colour in our homes, when it comes to selling it is best to go for a neutral colour scheme. As great as it would be for the potential buyers to see past your personalised decor, it just doesn’t work like that. So a neutral palette (not brilliant white, unless in an ultra modern home) can help make potential buyers more at ease and help them to visualise themselves in the home. You can then add pops of colour with your soft furnishings to give the space life.


Declutter & Deep Clean

Decluttering is such an important part of home staging. Clutter all over kitchen worktops, untidy bookshelves, and oversized furniture can be off putting to potential buyers, and make it hard for them to see themselves living in the space. By changing the layout of furniture, to maximise space, packing up as many items as possible before your move, thinning out surfaces can make a huge impact on selling potential.

Equally as important is giving your home a deep clean before potential buyers visit. Even if you have a clean and well maintained home, potential buyers will be scrutinising every detail. A dusty skirting to dirty doors can be off-putting to buyers. We would highly recommend getting professional cleaners in once to give it a deep clean, then maintain from there.

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Image: Home Bunch

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Remove Personal Items

Family photos, awards, childrens drawings are all distracting to the potential buyer, they will struggle to picture themselves in the home if they are constantly reminded they are walking through a strangers house. This will in turn make them feel uncomfortable walking through your home, and will rush the visit potentially losing a sale. Remove anything personal from view, pack it up ready for the move.


Once your house is on the market

Once your house is on the market, you need to keep up with the cleaning. As you will still be living in the home it is understandable that it will not stay perfect, but you will have to try to stay on top of it as much as possible.

Any items, trinkets or ornaments you don’t need out you can start to box up and and get ready for the imminent move. This will help to keep the house decluttered for viewings.

Make sure there are always fresh flowers in the house to make it look inviting and welcoming to the potential buyers.

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For more help and advice on Home Staging do get in touch with us at the showroom to book a home visit to discuss further.